Becoming a La Leche League Leader

Steps 1 & 2:  Attend a full series of LLL meetings and purchase a LLL membership

Step 3:  Read the current edition of Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

Step 4:  Read over the LLL Philosophy by clicking here and see if you are in agreement with and have mostly exemplified it in your own parenting experience

Step 5: Read more about LLL history, mission, and organization by clicking here

Step 6: Read through the Steps to Accreditation by clicking here and see if the process will fit your current lifestyle.  Realize that the average amount of time it takes to complete the Leadership process is close to one year, although it can move faster or slower according to those involved.

Step 7: Find the Leader nearest you by clicking here and have a discussion about your desire to become a Leader.  If you do not have an LLL near you then click here to find out the process for an isolated leader applicaton.

Step 8: Start the first formal step, the pre-application dialogue, learn more by clicking here.