Find a Local Group Near You.  Click here to find a local group near you. La Leche League meetings are a fantastic way to connect with other breastfeeding parents.

Connect using Social Media.  Local Facebook Pages can be found by clicking HERE.

Connect using a forum.  Online breastfeeding forum can be found by clicking HERE.

Events.  Connect in person at these annual breastfeeding events, Click HERE.

Additional Ways to Connect with Other Parents
In Real Time:

- Create some Business Cards to give to parents you find interesting at LLL meetings (and other places) so that you can get together later for a play date.

- Find a local parenting group near you. Use google, facebook, and meetup search engines to find local groups

- Create your own parenting group and put up fliers to find interested participants. Consider finding a similar group in a different area and connecting with the leader of that group for pointers on how to be successful.

Connect with Breastfeeding Parents!

Connecting with other breastfeeding families can make all the difference in a successful breastfeeding journey.