Breastfeeding Information

Tear Sheet Toolkit.  This is a mini-book you can print out. It has a lot of useful breastfeeding information. Click here to access the book.
Publications.  La Leche League has a handful of publications that can be accessed by the public for free. The reading material ranges from basic breastfeeding stories and information to research-based breastfeeding abstracts. Enjoy the reading material; we hope you find it pleasurable and informative. Access the publications by clicking here.
Breastfeeding Laws.  Breastfeeding mothers have rights! Learn federal and state breastfeeding laws by clicking here - or by clicking here.

Books.  La Leche League has a list of books, parenting and breastfeeding related, that can be helpful on your journey. After referencing the book list, contact your local La Leche League group to see if it is in their lending library! See list here.

Frequently Asked Questions.  Do you have questions about treating sore nipples, dealing with breastfeeding criticism, child-led weaning, or another breastfeeding topic? Click here for some starter information that may be useful.

Other Resources.  Here you will find additional resources for answering your breastfeeding questions. These websites are resources outside of LLL but are still quite useful. Click here to access these resources.