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Breastfeeding Laws.  Breastfeeding mothers have rights! 
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Frequently Asked Questions.  Do you have questions about treating sore nipples, dealing with breastfeeding criticism, child-led weaning, or another breastfeeding topic? Click here for some starter information that may be useful.

Here are additional resources to help you on your breastfeeding journey.  These resources are not LLLI sites and we cannot take responsibility for their content.


Nursing Mothers Council of Oregon

"Our Mission is to:

SUPPORT other mothers in realizing their breastfeeding goals through information and nonjudgmental encouragement.

PROMOTE the value of breastfeeding communitywide through education and strategic partnerships.

PROTECT a mother’s commitment to breastfeeding for as long as she and her child mutually desire."

Free Resources Provided by the State of Oregon


World Health Organization Breastfeeding Statement:

World Health Organization Breastfeeding Growth Charts:

Dr. James Mckenna on Bedsharing & Cosleeping:

Kellymom Breastfeeding Database:

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Information is power. We have the ability to find breastfeeding answers at the tip of our fingers. Here we provide you with some easy-to-access breastfeeding information. If you can't find what you are looking for please feel free to contact us by accessing the Get Support section of this webpage.